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Hard work doesn't guarantee success, but improves its chances

Deepak Kumar

Deepak comes from a village in Haryana called Gannaur. He has studied till Class 10th. He had to quit studies after that due to the financial constraints of his family. To make ends meet he started working as an informal apprentice to an odd job man. His earnings from this was meagre and he was always worried about his next meal.

One day as he was sitting with his friends in a tea shop, he met the mobilisation team of Ank TPDDL Badli VT center. He was oriented about the course. His friends did not pay heed to it, but Deepak wanted to explore the opportunity.

He went to the center and was impressed by what he saw and immediately took admission to the course. He was a dedicated student and came for his classes every day. He was also working at the time to earn and managed his learning and earning together with a lot of challenges.

But this hard work bore good fruit for him. He was able to secure a job with a contractor working with BSES Rajdhani at Punjabi Bagh. With an assured income of Rs 15,000/- per month he is now able to take good care of his parents and siblings and is very happy with the respect he has earned among his peers and in his community.

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If the youths are given the right direction and approach, they themselves have their way. Sunil is a native of Kadirpur village. Since childhood he had been weak in studies owing to the reason he was not provided with enough attention. His father was an alcoholic. It had a profound effect on his entire family. His father used to spend all his income on his addiction. Resultantly being the eldest child,Sunil had the responsibility of running the entire family. He started working in a bicycle repairing shop and also used to sell the newspapers so that he could make ends meet.

Somehow he managed to complete his education till higher secondary. Subsequently he abandoned his education, as there was not enough finances to support his higher education. The necessities and demands of the family were increasing gradually with the passage of time which he was not able to cope up with.

His days were passing by in the darkness of uncertainty. Then one day he was forcefully married off, which in turn added to his woes; as he has the responsibility of his wife too. He was leading a life of extreme disappointment.

He then learnt about ANK TPDDL VT centre at Badli where young adults were provided with training as an electrician and solar technician. He felt that the course shall help him to build some skills that shall enable him to join the workforce. He enrolled himself in the course and learnt domestic wiring, motor repairing installing solar panel etc. With the aid of this course he landed up with a good job opportunity in an electronics shop namely Savita Electronics where he earns up to Rs 15,000/- per month. He is now extremely happy as he is now fulfilling his responsibility of his family.


Life was not easy for Soumya since her childhood. Being the eldest girl child of the family, she was supposed to take care of her younger siblings when her parent were out for work. It was in 2016, 12 years old Soumya was brought to Maidan Garhi from her hometown (Bihar), due to unbearable financial crises. Her parents decided to migrate to Delhi with a hope of getting work here, but in the new city, life had decided something else for Soumya.

Due to migration from one state to another, one of Soumya’s dreams of pursuing formal education was broken down. She was forced to stop her schooling. Although her parents were concerned about her education but they didn’t have any options. Here educational opportunities were very costly and they were not aware about the admission procedures too.

Now Soumya had accepted her life the way it was going and had convinced herself that now she would not be able to go to school due to the financial condition of her family. But whenever she met children who were going to school, she wished for the day when she will be in school.

Once during community mobilization, one of our educators met Soumya, sitting on the stairs of her rented room and watching other children playing in the street. After interacting with Soumya the educator learnt that that she was desperate to go to school and to relive her dream of formal education again. After meeting and assuring Soumya’s parents about our quality educational learning facilities, she was enrolled at our learning center. It was the happiest moment of Soumya’s life when she attended her class on the very first day and expressed her emotions by saying thanks to the educator.

After few months with the help of our tecahers she enrolled in Govt. school in class 5th. Earlier she had difficulties in coping due to her gap in education, but after a few months she was taking interest in her studies and became a good and regular student in the govt. school as well as at our learning centre.

In class 5th she stood 1st in her class. Today Soumya is one of the brightest student at our learning center and observed an all-rounder in curricular activities among other students. Soumya is really working hard with her studies and looking forward to accomplish her dream of being a prominent Shooter.

Mohd Zakir

Md. Zakir is a very brave and hardworking child. He belongs to a poor family composed of seven members. Zakir was 5 year old when he fell down from the bed and had some injury on his head. After treatment, it was realized that he would not be able to speak clearly in the future. After this incident, his mother was almost in trauma but all were being stable as Zakir was growing with time. Due to his inability to speak clearly, he was not enrolled in school or in any informal education institution because everyone had accepted that he would not be able to understand how to read and write as the injury affected not just his speech part but his brain too. Talking to people around in a clear voice and understanding things like a normal child was now just a dream for Zakir and his family; they had almost vanished all hopes to see him as a normal child.

Once, the educators of ANK learning centre were on community visit for mobilization of children. During mobilization, some children informed educators about Zakir, then 7 years old but still not pursuing either formal or informal education. With some interaction with Zakir it was analysed that he can study at the learning centre and his parents were convinced to enroll him in morning batch at the learning centre. Initially his parents were not able to believe that it was possible for anyone to make their son read and write especially when he has problem in understanding things and expressing himself in clear voice.

Today Zakir is a regular student at our learning centre and actively participates in different activities. He is average in studies and now able to grasp things easily during classes. Zakir’s mother cannot control her emotions when asked about the progress of her child, saying that the impossible has been made possible!


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