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Activities Summary at ANK

COVID-19 Response- Doing Good in Bad Times

COVID-19 has wrecked much distress in India. While the lockdown has helped to curb the spread of the virus, it has also turned out to be a bane for some. As a community based credible organization, we stand firm with our beneficiaries. We have tried to help them in all possible ways. Classroom education is badly hit but have ensured that our beneficiaries continue their learning curve through digital mediums. We have also reached out to them to provide support for nutrition.

As a part of the COVID-19 outbreak response, ANK has initiated the ways to tackle and create awareness to fight against the virus spread in India.After the announcement of complete lockdown in the country, it was extremely challenging for us to continue with our work but that couldn't hold us back from working. We took various initiatives and carried out our work.

The various tasks undertaken are:

  • Online Classes: -To overcome this catastrophe, we prepared the proper strategies and implemented them. Digital platforms such as WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook worked as a bridge for us and our beneficiaries. We began to communicate with them via these mediums and started our online classes on these platforms. We started giving assignments via WhatsApp and via emails to the beneficiaries. Our staff started making videos on the topics of their syllabus and the same was uploaded on YouTube so that all our beneficiaries could have access to it, anytime! The parents mobile phones proved very useful for this. ANK also shared videos on physical fitness and dance lessons to keep them healthy.
  • Awareness Session in Community: - ANK team conducted awareness sessions on COVID-19 in the community to spread the information about corona virus and the dos' and don'ts'. We taught them the hand washing techniques and also gave them the education on social distancing we motivated them about wearing masks if they step out of their homes and also to stay positive.
  • Counseling Session: - Due to the lockdown a lot of people lost their jobs and went back to their homeland. Because they had to starve for days they panicked and became very nervous about the ongoing pandemic. Our team reached out to them in the community and did the counseling to get rid of the worries and extended their warm support. They have been followed up on regular basis and check on if they are keeping good in mental health wise. Our food grain distribution of ration for minimum 15 Days proved very helpful to them.
  • Face Mask Distribution: - We distributed face mask to the community as many of them couldn't afford it.
  • Personal Hygiene session: - We visited the community and taught proper hand washing techniques to the beneficiaries and their parents and the community.
  • Linkage to Govt Schemes: - We guided our beneficiaries about the Govt. schemes and financial help provided by govt. in this state of crisis.
  • Ration Distribution / Support for Nutrition: - With support from our corporate donors we distributed dry ration/grain kits to more than 500 families. We made the kits in such a way that it is good for minimum 15 days for a family. Also, we distributed 1000 Liters of good quality milk among our beneficiaries so that they remain health during this period.

ANK also took precautionary and preventive steps to safeguard its employees

In addition to the aforementioned immediate steps that ANKhas taken to mitigate the risk of the coronavirus spread in the country, it also made sure that its employees are safe too. The staff members under the direct supervision have been given all required preventive and precautionary measures.

Some of the initiatives that office took are as follows:

  • A COVID-19 policy was circulated to all employees with a do's and don'ts document.
  • N-95 masks and face shields were distributed to all employees and were advised to wear them during the office hours.
  • Hand sanitizers were made available on all workstations.
  • Thecentres were deeply sanitized.
  • Before the country-wide lockdown was declared, partial work from home was given to employees to make sure social distancing was maintained.
  • During the 21 day lockdown, all employees are allowed to work from home, making sure there is no financial implications for them during these challenging times.
  • All staff is covered against the deadly virus infection under the employee medical insurance.


We need your URGENT support to:

  • Please donate your obsolete gadgets to an underprivileged. This can help a child study at this time of crisis.
  • Put food on the plate of our beneficiaries who are in a severe financial crisis for this pandemic outbreak. You can donate in both cash and kind. You can contact us at : or call us @ 9810561157
  • Please donate the vulnerable with preventive items like Handwash, Soaps, Masks, Glovesand Sanitizers.




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