Learning Support Centers - Ngo for CSR Education Program in Delhi/NCR

ANK recognizesthat education gives a new lease of life to empower individuals to make informed choices and opens new possibilities and opportunities for themselves. Everything that ANK does is focused on turning our beliefs into a tangible reality.

ANK has a very comprehensive education program that focuses on the developmental age of children and on the socio-economic milieu under which they exist. The philosophy of our organization is based on the belief that each child deserves an equal opportunity for holistic development. By making the child educated, we not only aim to bring positive changes in the lives of his/her immediate family, but also to the larger society.

For us, each child is special. Each person involved in community mobilisation for our projects is asked to select a child for enrolment with a very valid reason, which has to be discussed with the team before finalisation. This is to ensure that the most needy children are addressed by us. Each of our students have a story behind them.

Our Learning Centres (LCs) seek to ensure quality education, higher retention in the primary school, and reduction in school dropout rates. The prime objective is to attain universal elementary education in the project area. The program is envisaged to provide the children with basic education with a focus on retention of learning and developing a positive attitude towards education.

To this effect the monitoring of the projects needs to be strong. Constant course correction may be necessary. To ensure this, ANK has developed an in house MIS that is used to track teachers attendance, students attendance and progress, family and demographic data of the students etc. This system also red flags the program management team in case there is need to pay attention to any issue and also provides transparency to the donors.

There is also a Standard Operating Procedure in place for all our programs that has to be followed by the team. To ensure the best quality in all our programs each center is periodically evaluated for maintenance and adherence to the SOP.

Our Learning Centres offer education to children within the age groups of 6-14 years. Its focus is on the overall development of the child’s attitudes, values and behavioural patterns. The program aims at inculcating and stimulating every child’s endeavour towards taking care of his/her environment. Due to variety of social, cultural, economic and linguistic differences, there is a fair amount of flexibility in the teaching methodologies. The children are constantly encouraged and stimulated to grow at their own pace depending on their living environment.

Mainstreaming Children in Age Appropriate Classes

Many children are outside the school system due to a myriad of reasons. That is not the ideal solution. In order to ensure that these children get age appropriate learning and are admitted in age appropriate classes, ANK enrols these children at their centers and ensures that their learning progresses. This strategy is adopted so that the child strengthen their roots of learning and also develop an interest in education so that the chances of dropping out of the system minimizes once they join school.

To ensure quick learning, we have devised strategies to teach the students through:

  • Activity Based Learning
  • Multi Grade Teaching

Activities entice the students and keep their attendance high, while they are learning in the process.

Family buy in is a very important part of education that often gets neglected. To ensure that the family and larger community are in sync with the goals for the childs education, we do the following:

  • Community Mobilisation: There is a constant reach out to the communities that we work in
  • Parent Teacher Meetings: Every month the parents of the children and encouraged to come and see the progress of their children and discuss their progress
  • Home Visits: In the rare case of children not coming to classes, our team reaches out to them and connects with the family to seek the reasons for drop in attendance

Remedial Classes

All children do not have the same learning ability of learning method. But it is very difficult for a teacher teaching a class of often more than 50 children to pay individual efforts to the learning of each child. That is where, Ank as an NGO focused on imparting education through remedial classes.

Not only do we try to teach our mainstreamed children as extended support for a year in our post school remedial classes, but also work very closely with the local government schools in our areas to identify students who need to strengthen their learning and are at a risk of dropping out of the schools.

Using student friendly techniques each child coming to our remedial classes gets the individual attention that they need. To add to this they receive support in completing their unfinished tasks from school too.

To ensure that there is uniformity of progress, we track the progress of the children through internal assessments and tests and also reach out to the schools every month for feedback on the child’s attendance and school performance. With daily diary noting on children, each teacher marks the progress of their students regularly.

Parent Teacher Meetings are held every month so that the parents can be apprised of progress of their wards in school and at the learning centre.





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