Volunteers With ANK

The idea of service transcends the barriers of table work, textual knowledge and monetary benefits. One such avenue has been given to me by ANK, to design and execute a ten-session module on Communication reformation and personality Development.

It has been an intellectually stimulating and contending experience working as a volunteer with ANK. The sessions have been a gala time, filled with debates, theatre exercises, quizzes and Q&A sessions based on topics related to workplace and social behaviour and communication skills, besides lectures and assignments.

Some topics that were adopted for debates included The usefulness of Commonwealth Games to the citizens of New Delhi, the idea and construction of social roles, socio-cultural barriers to communication, gender roles and issues at workplace, non-verbal communication- its perception and effectivity, to name some of them.

The theatre exercises taken up were chiefly aimed at improving verbal communication skills and confidence in speech. Some of the exercises were mock interviews, social roles enactment, role play of various characters in work and social life etc.

Sessions were also conducted on general knowledge, whereby question banks were given to students and quizzes were conducted very successfully, due to the enthusiastic participation of the students.

The final session waits with loads of anticipation and zeal, since it has been planned as a dance workshop with students, whereby dance would be used as a tool to enhance confidence level of students.

To sum up, the course at ANK with a band of more than 65 students from a spectrum of backgrounds has opened up numerous avenues for thinking in different perspectives, understanding social life and building greater team spirit, for both the students and myself.