Success Stories

Hard work doesn't guarantee success, but improves its chances


Chandan is 18 years old and has studied up to class 11. He lives in Neb Sarai, New Delhi with his mother, one younger brother and two younger sisters. His father does not live with them and is alcoholic and does not contribute a single penny to his family.
In these circumstances chandan was not able to continue his studies. Being the elder son in the family he has extra burden and responsibility.
When chandan joined ANK he used to work as an ice cream wanderer, and came to learn Basic computers and English for two hours. After school he worked at the metro station at night. His dedication and concerned towards his family is clear from the fact that he used to sleep only for 4 hours.
As he has studied in government school his English was really poor. But he attended all the classes regularly in spite of his busy and laborious schedule.
His communication skills has improved and now he does not hesitate in talking to strangers. He can now also work on computer. Before joining ANK he had never touched a computer.
After successfully completing his course at ANK he is now working in a travel company as a travel agent. He can manage to earn about 6000 to 7000 rupees in a month and now he feels very happy that he is helping his mother. So it is rightly said that "the one thing that matters is the effort"

Madhuri Shukla

Madhuri joined ANK after passing her class 12. She belongs to very poor family with 3 siblings and also has an ill mother. She was very reserve, hesitant and nervous. She rarely talked to other students in the classroom. Initially when we asked her any queries she use to stammer.
After joining ANK she with the help of our teachers worked very hard on her communication skills and has now became more confident and can communicate very nicely in English. This is not only an achievement for us but a feel of satisfaction that our students are now taking their lives ahead, becoming self dependent and a contributing member of the society. We firmly believe that ANK is not only about providing education to underprivileged children or to produce youths who can speak and understand English but it is also about preparing them to behave like a responsible and contributing citizen of our nation.
Now she works in an NGO as an assistant coordinator. The NGO works for poor girls by providing them training in stitching and other handicrafts and making them self employed. We feel so proud of her and are so happy by looking a great change in her personality.
She is very happy with her job and always shows a gesture of thANKs for the teachers. She said that ANK has given her not only confidence and a job but also a goal for her life. Now she feels happy that she is helping poor girls by working. She wants to continue working in social development sector so that she can take care of her family.

Shahrukh comes from a big family. There are eight members and all the children are studying. His father is driver and his mother is a house wife.
He basically found out about ANK organisation through one of his friends. After joining this organisation, he says that he had learnt a lot of new things, that his speaking skills have improved etc. He most likely enjoyed the computer training and said that it was the first time he actually touched a real computer. Initially he was very quite shy and hesitant.
After finishing the course he is now able to work as a computer operator in a retail store. He is not only taking care of himself but also he is continuing his sibling studies.
He wants to grow up in his life and dedicates all his skills to his teachers in ANK.
We feel so happy on his professional growth.

Shyam Lal Mahawar

Rightly said for shyam and many others like him.
Shyam Lal Mahawar is 18 years old and belongs to a very poor family. He is from a very backward village of Uttar Pradesh and his father Jaya Ram is a farmer. His father hardly manages his family expenses as shyam has four sisters and all are younger to him and are studying in a village school.
Shyam presently lives in Okhla, Delhi. He commuted from Okhla to Malviya Nagar to learn English and computer to on his bicycle and it took almost half an hour to reach. In the morning he distributed newspapers to earn small amount of money for his day to day expenses.
Shyam is a very hardworking boy and also has a sense of responsibility towards his family. He clearly understands that he is the only ray of hope for his family. His parents are very confident that their son will become a successful person one day.
Shyam is now pursuing B.A. pass from Delhi University and also doing an advance diploma in computers. He also teaches students at his place and from the money he manages his studies. He said that coming to the organization has helped him to communicate in English in a better way and now he feels more confident in speaking. His goal in life is to teach English to poor children and share his knowledge with them and play a constructive role in the society.

Vijay lives in a small room with his family. He has no father and the household is looked after by his mother who provides them all of their necessities. She works in houses . He has 2 sisters and one brother.
Without his father his family saw many ups and downs. Limited resources and lack of money did not come into his way. He studied hard and joined ANK to improve his communication skills and computers so that he can take up a good job and help his family. Vijay is many of among those beneficiaries of ANK whose communication skills and computer skills have improved so much and now have become a better individual.
He feels more responsible towards his family and society. Apart from this he is very interested in sports and he is very good at playing cricket.
Presently he is working as store boy and looks after the store and does the billing work. He is happy that he can earn money now for his family as well as he can also use the money for his sisters' marriage.


Vinod has 4 members in his family and lives in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. He is the eldest son of his parent. His father runs a small shop. Vinod belongs to a very poor family and study in government school. He got to know about ANK through his friend who had done a course here and is now working in shopper's stop.
Being an eldest son of a poor family automatically gives you a sense of maturity and responsibility and the same happened with vinod. He wants to earn money and help his father in running the household. He has only one objective in his life that is to take up a good job and lessen his father's burden. His father wanted him to study but he was keen to take up a good job and then wanted to continue his studies through IGNOU. He is fond of cricket and loves to listen sad songs.
For him coming to ANK was the nicest thing that happened to him as before that he had problem in speaking as well as reading and writing English and didn't had a prior knowledge of computers. But here at ANK he learnt a lot in computers and now can understand English in a better way.
After successfully completing his training he went for internship through our campus placements and their by seeing his good performance he was kept on pay roll by company.
Now Vinod is earning Rs eight thousand a month and also is sharing his father's load by running the household.He is very happy and wants to become a responsible person in his life.