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June 2014

Inauguration of new ANK learning center at Barola village Noida

ANK has opened one more learning center at Barola village Noida. Like other ANK learning centers this center is also intend to educate out of school children through flexible school timings and innovative teaching methods in an informal environment.

The program is predicted to provide the children with basic education and provide positive environment for their holistic growth and development.

Children made this inauguration event memorable from their spellbinding performances.

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At ANK we keep on trying various methods tomake curriculum more interesting, enjoyable and child centered .This time in association with Delhi photography group we are organizing Photography classes for children. It will strengthen their desire for self-expression. Volunteers from Delhi photography club are conducting classes at ANK learning centerMaidangarhi.Children are showing keen interest in learning and understanding all aspects of photography. During this training they already started seeing their surroundings with a new involved outlook.During their first session children share their reasons to join photography classes. For some of them itís a visual medium of self-expression and for some itís a way to capture moments. But the relationship between them and the environment manifested itself in various way. This program is of one year and after completion of this course we will organize one exhibition of the photographs taken by children.

Health camp

Health camp was organized at ANK learning centers. There were total 300 children present for health checkup. Our children comes from the slum communities and these children are most exposed to diseases and infections and yet they are the least cared about their health .We at ANK try to organize health camp in every quarter to ensure their full physical, mental, social and emotional development .We also try to organize similar camps for Dental, ENT and vision testing for these children time to time.


May 2014

Movie screening at bhawapur learning center

Long lazy summer days are here and you can listen words like 'íI am bored" to cure this boredom we planned some summer activities for children and to start with. What could be better than an animated movie in your classroom.We screened adventure of tin tin at ANKBhawapurcentre through projector. It was a hot day but filled with fun and happiness.

Painting workshop at ANK maidan garhi learning center

To make this summer more fun and creative we have organized painting workshop for children at our Maidangarhi learning center.Mr.Ravi, a talented painter and long term ANK volunteer is taking painting classes for children. Our intention behind this workshop is to give thoseopportunities and perspective on life that they would never have otherwise been provided with. Itís a 15 daysí workshop which will allow them to develop their creative side. And just in few days I can see how true it is- creativity is in minds and good hands. To see children exploring their creativity is heart-warming. And our efforts will not end here, we will continue to evolve, diversify and extend our reach and coverage to enrich their learning experience.


April 2014

Health Awareness Camp at ANK Bhowapur Learning Center

Health awareness camp was organized at Bhawapur learning center.Camp was organized for underprivileged people live near ANK learning center. Kapil, a volunteer gave information regarding government health schemes like smart card, swasthyabimayojna, jananisurakshayojna and many more. Kapil also share information regarding how to prevent malaria and how to fight against tobacco. Most of them were unaware about the available health schemes and their benefits. We believe this small ANK initiative can bring big difference in their lives.

Visit to eye care clinic

After listening to the problem of children regarding blurry vision .We took them to eye care clinic for eye checkup. Basically this visit was to identify refractive problems among children. Glasses were provided to the children with highrefractive errorsfor clear vision.

Children day out at Bhawapur Learning centre

Teachers kept their promise and took Children from ANK Bhawapur learning center for a treat. Teachers gave this treat to children for their good performance in class. Well done children and keep up the good work.


Story telling session by Michael Arvaarluk at oxford library, New Delhi

Our children got a chance to visit Oxford library to attend story telling session by Michael Arvaarluk. For them it was their first visit to library they were very enthusiastic and get fascinated by the fancy books all around. Mr. Michael from Canada narrated story with the help of props which made his story alive and it was a great fun to listen.

Inauguration of SMART VT Center at Hasanpur

On 28 of April,Vice president of Tech Mahindra Foundation inaugurated new ANK SMART vocational training center at Hasanpur.

After inauguration Training was also conducted by TMF staff for all the SMART trainers of Delhi and NCR region. It was a good interactive session where different trainers from SMART center shared their experience with each other.


March 2014

Green Day Celebration at ANK Noida Learning center

Children at ANK learning center celebrated green day with great enthusiasm. Teachers imparted environmental education through activities. Children of the smaller age group drew environmental pictures. Older children explained the importance of green environment through a small play. It was a fun way to showcase environmental education and engage children in making a difference in our community.


Talent Hunt Show at Rohini Learning centre

Students from Rohini ANK learning center with great joy participated in talent hunt show organized by,"I want to learn better foundationĒ. Children from different NGOs participated in the talent hunt quiz.Question were related to different fields. Muskan and Vikas students from ANK learning center answer the questions eloquently and confidently.They begged second and third positions in the competition and won fabulous prizes. They also enthusiastically participated in singing and dance activities.

Seed sowing session at ANK maidan garhi learning center

Volunteers from Navdanya organization conducted session on conservation of seeds at ANK learning Centers. They explained the importance of conserving seeds. They also showed a small movie on the hazards of biological and ecological destruction. After the movie they encouraged children to express their views through painting. Children had so much fun while learning about seed conservation. Children learnt about soil preparation and sowing direct seeds. Teachers divided the children into 6 different groups and each group were asked to bring waste food and leaves from their houses for the preparation of soil. After that each group sowed the seeds of vegetables and fruits like tomato, water melon,pumpkins,eggplant and lady finger .And now each group look after their plants. They water them regularly. This will develop the habit of growing healthy food among children. Children were so eager to see fruits of their labor.


Creative Yoga Sessions at Bhowapur Learning Centre

Seema, a volunteer brought creative yoga to children at the ANK Bhawapur learning center through the yoga workshop for kids. Children from age group 6 to 15 years participated in this workshop. Seema also took a special session with teachers to make them capable in conducting yoga sessions with children more frequently. Children got the essence of this workshop and enjoyed every stretching and chants. Such workshop will help the children and teachers to improve their physical fitness, social skills, and concentration ability. Now every Saturday of ANK learning center begins with yoga and meditation.

January 2014

Self Defense Workshop

ANK organized a self-defense workshop for girl students of the ANK learning center and other teenage girls from the local community at our Rohini Center. A special team of Delhi police has conducted this workshop in the premises of the ANK learning Centre. It was a 15 day workshop where more than 50 girls participated. Our mission was to empower girls and make them capable to prevent attacks.

Self-defense is important for every girl regardless of her age. It is about prevention. It's always better to talk before, instead of talking about it after something happens.

The girls learnt the forms of martial art. This workshop also touched the subjects like sexism, relationships and the importance of exercise. The girls practiced the important techniques like disabling the attacker's knee. Emphasis was also given in the power of mind. Girls were taught to trust their instincts and do everything possible to prevent the attack. Beside the physical techniques this workshop also enhanced their confidence and the sense of personal power.


Painting Their Dreams

On 25th of January 2014, Guests from Sweden gave visit to children at Maidan Garhi ANK learning center. They distributed stationary among children. It was a three hours event, full of fun activities. Painting competition was conducted after the distribution of stationary. Children love to express their inner world through colors. Our children at the Maidan Garhi learning center surprised everyone with their imagination and creativity. The Theme of the competition was my "Dream World". There were total 95 children from different age group. All of them try to put their imagination on paper. Our guests had a great time with children.

ADOBE Youth Voices

AYV is the Adobe s global initiative to increase creativity, to prepare young people to be the problem solvers, critical thinkers, and leaders of tomorrow. Under this program Youth get the opportunity to develop original media that highlights an issue they care about and also suggest the creative solution to be able to make a difference in the society.

ANK AYV candidate's learned the storytelling techniques and used advance digital media tools to convey their message with greater creativity. This is the documentary made by our candidates through their own personal experience. They tried to make people aware about the hazards of water pollution.


Eye Camp

On 16 of January 2013, Wednesday ANK organized free eye camp at ANK Rohini learning Centre from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The objective of the camp was to identify refractive problems in the children and if detected, to provide them with correct glasses. More than 300 persons were screened during the day.

One Sight India Foundation provided us the technical support for the camp. The camp served the students of the ANK Rohini learning Centre and other people from the local community Beneficiaries were between the age group 10 to 35 years. There were total 200 patients who have screened themselves for the first time. 47 patients have been prescribed suitable power and received spectacles free of cost within 10 days.

Mrs. Kirti, 28 year old women from the local community shared that this eye camp has provided the awareness about the value of corrected vision along with the access to eye glasses.

December 2013

ANK at Yuv Utsav

Children and Youths studying at various ANK projects participated in YUV-Utsav Mela 2013 which was held at YMCA, New Delhi on 16th November'13.

Children from over 30 NGOs working in Delhi and NCR participated in the event. 15 students from ANK participated in the mela. Before selections, auditions were conducted at the center. A day before the event, students showed their final rehearsal to the teachers. Teachers also helped the students in their preparations.

There were in total 14 events and children from ANK SMART center participated in 8 of these. Among these, 8 people participated in Nukkad Natak, Pooja participated in Rangoli making, Sachin participated in pot-painting, Neha participated in Fancy dress, Dinesh participated in Humorous mono-act, Jyoti participated in poster making, Rinki participated in Mehendi competition and Sunita participated in Best out of waste. The work of all these students was appreciated by all.

Children of ANK performed with healthy competitive spirit and tried to give their best. They were happy to get such an opportunity at that platform. They also enjoyed breakfast and lunch provided their and had a good time with participants of other NGOs. Overall, it was a great learning experience for children and they enjoyed it thoroughly.


Digital Literacy week at ANK

9th December 2013- 13th December 2013 was celebrated as Digital Literacy week at ANK centers. It has been organized at ANK Centers in collaboration with NASSCOM Foundation. This initiative has provided an opportunity to employees from firms like RBS,Google,Dell and others, to impart their skills to someone with no computer knowledge. People from every age group registered themselves for this session.It was a 3-hour computer basic training to aware students about basics of computer including both hardware and software. Over 400 students were trained through this program. The volunteers were mostly from RBS Bank and Sony Ericsson and different volunteers came in different slots. Two slots of 3-hour duration each were held on every day of the week and in each slot 4-5 volunteers appeared.

Initially volunteers interacted with employees at ANK center to form a teaching strategy, based on the level of students. Then they met the students and interacted with them before starting the session. During the session, they introduced computer, its parts and various uses and then a volunteer took a group of 4-5 students and started working on them and their personal short comings related to computer. In the middle of the session, refreshments were provided to the volunteers and all the participating students.

Apart from regular students at ANK SMART center, their siblings, neighbors and many people from nearby areas also came to participate in the session. After the session, all the participants- which includes students as well as volunteers, were given certificates. It was a wonderful learning experience for all.


Campus Recruitment by KFC at ANK-SMART Center

A recruitment manager from KFC restaurants visited ANK SMART center, Hasanpur,Delhi on 27th Dec'13 to recruit our students for their restaurants. He arrived at 12:30pm and started with a presentation. Nine students applied for the same and attended the presentation.

The presentation started with the manager's personal introduction and then he gave information about KFC. He told students about its origin, full form and various branches. Then he told about eligibility to apply, which included- Age, Qualifications and Skills. He also mentioned it is very important to touch non-veg, so vegetarians who do not wish to touch non-veg. should not apply. Then he went further and described the roles and responsibilities in the job. He also explained about three shift timings and how things would work there. All the students, who could not fill these criteria, were filtered off at this stage and the session was taken forward with remaining students.

Then came an interesting part for the students, where they were told about their salaries, process of getting incentives and amount they would get and also about training they would get. They were also told that they would get a hike after completing training in each section.

After the presentation about company and job profile, an aptitude test was conducted. Three students were selected after the aptitude test of 1 hour duration. The selected students went for the final round of interview at a near-by branch of KFC. The results will be announced soon.


November 2013

Mini Library at NFE Center

CSR team of I-Gate visited NFE center of Ank at Bhowapur on 1st November, 2013. The purpose of visit was to distribute story books among children as a Diwali gift. There were more than 200 books, like, snow-white, chacha ki shadi, Cinderella etc . They also proposed to set up a small library for children, where every child would get a different book every week and return the previous one. The teachers worked on this plan very well and have also maintained a register to note the name of books and the student issuing the book. The records are maintained very well. Students are given books every Saturday and they return the books before the next Saturday, whenever they finish reading. This mini library has helped students to improve their reading skills.

Diwali Celebrations

Our students celebrated diwali on 1stNov'13 at the Ank Centre, Malviya Nagar. The students made rangoli and decorated the centre as a part of diwali celebrations. The students also distributed sweets and had snacks. The diwali celebrations were also celebrated by sharing thoughts of god and singing songs for the same. We also lighted diyas at the centre on this occasion.


September 2013

Inauguration Ceremony of a New Center

ANK started a new center in Rohini, in partnership with Tata Power DDL (TPDDL).The inauguration of the center was done on 22nd September'13. Local MLA and Minister in Delhi Government Mr. Raj Kumar Chauhan was invited as a chief guest on the program. CEO of TPDDL Mr Praveer Sinha along with Mr. Dileep Kumar also graced the occasion. All the guests met the staff and the students. The staff consists of an office manager, a coordinator, 3 teachers and a guard.

The center will serve two courses- Remedial Education and Electrician training. The former course would be for small children, aged between 6 and 14 years. More than 125 children has been enrolled in the classes and we will provide them remedial classes so that they contibue their education.. In the latter course, i.e., Electrician training, youths would be trained and taught skills required to work as an electrician. This will help unskilled youth to get the skills of an electrician and then work to earn their livelihood. There will be two batches of strength 20 each. The course curriculum has been prepared by Tata Power DDL.

Competition at I-Gate

On 23 September'13 children of Ank Bhowapur center participated in a competition held at I-Gate's Noida Office. The competition was a part of social corporate responsibility of I-gate. Including Ank, children of three NGOs participated in the event. The competition was held for one hour.

Five students from Ank won prizes. These students got certificates, drawing kit, book and pencil box as prize. Apart from that all the participating students were given a ball and some stationary items as a gift.

After the competition, children were given refreshment and then danced on DJ. The children, not only enjoyed the competition but also had a lot of fun after the competition.


August 2013

Visit To Parliament

Students of Ank India participated in an essay writing competition held at the Parliament on 21st August, 2013.Such competitions are held at the parliament twice an year and they invite students of three other NGOs to participate. At Ank, 35 were shortlisted to participate in the event. Two trainers Ms Mallika and Ms Surbhi went to guide the students about the topics given and how to write an essay. They prepared some of the students to write in Hindi and some in English, as there were separate prizes in both the categories. The teachers at Bhowapur centre also helped the trainers.

A bus was hired to take students to the Parliament and two instructors- Mr. Rakesh and Ms. Jyoti accompanied the students. The competition was held in main committee room of the Parliament. Ms. Laleetha Iyer, Director of Children's corner, interacted with all the students and explained them the topics. The kids were provided sheets and pens and the competition started. Duration of competition was one hour, after which all the students were given refreshment. Accompanying instructors got a cheque of Rs.800\- each. The result of competition was declared in September and 4 of our children got the prozes from Ms. Meera Kumar.

July 2013

Teacher's Training Workshop At AMITY

A trainer Mallika Godara was sent to Amity for a workshop "Teaching through Innovative Techniques and Methods" on 25th July 2013. She later trained the teachers at Bhowapur center i.e. Ms Jyoti and Ms Anju. The teachers were motivated to foster creativity in classrooms and to fortify the teaching learning process through innovative activities like brain storming, mind mapping and discovery learning. The use of crossword puzzles, nature walk, field trips, sand and clay as effective techniques of teaching simple concepts of mathematics was suggested. The innovative way of adopting integrating approach in solving problems was also taught in the sessions.


Employer Engagement Program

In the month of July 13, an Employer Engagement Program was conducted at our STeP centre at Malviya nagar. Mr. Lalit, who is engineer by profession conducted the session. The session was an learning experience for the students. Following points were covered in presentation including career management, job interview, soft skills etc.

The program helped the students in improving their communication skills. The confidence with which the students interacted was evident during the engagement program. They were willing to know more in terms of what they can explore as career opportunity. The enthusiasm of the students was most striking as they asked several questions regarding various career options available in the market.

Beneficiaries were not only interested in retail management but in knowing how they can go in diverse fields of study like medicine, engineering etc. Mr. Lalit feels that the STeP program is already achieving its objective by preparing the beneficiaries with high class training facilities. The students feel that the curriculum is a very well thought-out course.

The beneficiaries were very joyful with the outcome of the engagement program and feel that they were in the right track in achieving their goal i.e. to become self independent and successful in their life.


TOT at Hasanpur Centre

On 30th and 31st July 2013 a TOT session was organized for SMART trainers of Tally. Trainers from ANK, Agrasar and Rise India participated in the training program.

Trained instructors from Tally took the session for four trainers and explained them about the Tally software and its usage.

The training was very useful for all the participants as they got to know about the syllabus as well as the methods of using Tally software.

At our Hasanpur centre we would be teaching Tally to students and further they would be placed with Tally related jobs.


June 2013

Documentary Film Shooting Event at Ank (Malviya Nagar)

On the 13th and 14th June 13, we had the Samsung team from the US and South Korea to shoot our students for their Corporate Social Responsibility Project. The team wanted to use the student's imagination and creativity to portray how they will make this world a better place. We had a team of 5 members from Samsung at our e-learning centre to shoot the students and know their career prospectus in learning English and computer at our Ank e-learning centre.

The team also shot the classroom session and computer session. They visited the houses of our students staying in the slum, interviewed their parents, and got to know the conditions the students live and study in. The overall shoot was successful and well coordinated.


Visit by Magic Soft

Magic soft is a software company which designs academic syllabus for schools. On 21 June 2013 Ms. Madhuri & Ms. Mahima from Magic soft company visited Non Formal Education Centre of ANK India at Bhowapur. They checked our syllabus and teaching pattern. They also interacted with students to judge their progress .In the end they had a discussion with the teachers and were really happy with the center and its working.

Exposure visit to i-GATE

All the staff members of ANK along with Mr Vijendra from TMF and the students of Hasanpur center visited i-GATE Company on 28th June 2013 . The visit was planned to give industry exposure to the students and help them gain knowledge about BPO sector, where most of them wish to work. Mr. Pradeep and Ms. Nishidha from i-GATE gave a presentation about the company. Mr. Pradeep shared his experience and motivated students for the job. Ms. Nishidha showed students the working of the company. This experience helped students to learn a lot about BPO companies and jobs.

At the end of the day students were very happy after seeing corporate office so closely. iGATE also organized a nice lunch for all the visitors from ANK.

iGATE has also extended their support to ANK by placing our students with them.


May 2013

A session on sign language

In a diverse country like India it is really beneficial to know a third language apart from Hindi and English. Sign language not only provides benefits of third language but it also permits an insight into the Deaf culture and bestows more opportunities to communicate with those who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Mr. Rahul and Mr. Rishi, who are physically impaired and follow sign language, visited our smart center 9th May 2013 to aware youth about sign language. Mr. Rakesh played the role of a translator. All the students learned alphabets in sign language and enjoyed the session.


Stationary distribution by i-GATE

Mr. Aman from i-GATE along with his two team members visited our NFE center on 10th may 2013. They distributed 3-line and 4-line notebooks among the students for their academic use. They also gave some toys to the children. On receiving these gifts children were very happy and delighted. Apart from tangible objects, the team from i-GATE gave their precious time to our students, they conducted various activities and games for kids and for the students it was a great day full of learning and enjoyment.

April 2013

Opening of SMART center

SMART center was established at Hasanpur by ANK India with the collaboration of Tech Mahindra Foundation. The inauguration of the center took place on 15th of April, 2013. The center was organized and new banners and posters were put up. It is a job oriented course of three months duration, where underprivileged youth is skilled in subjects like computers, English, ITES, Work readiness etc. and at the end of the course ANK India helps the students to get placed.

This program, not only creates employment among youth but also provides them requisite skills to further progress in their careers. As the motive of the course is to make youth work-ready, hence a proper selection process is followed, where only those students are taken who are above 18years of age and ready to work after completion of the course. The fee of course is Rs.100 per month and students are taught for 4 hours a day and 6 days a week. The students who are really eager to learn and are regular, i.e. have approximately 100% attendance are exempted from payment of fee as scholarship.


Visit at Wazirpur Center

On 27th April, Mr. Narender from Asha for Education visited the Wazirpur NFE center of ANK India. The center is supported by Asha for Education. The visitor closely observed the working of the center and had an interaction with the staff members regarding the same. He also conducted several games and activities with the children. Children were also very happy to interact with him. He also distributed sweets among children to bring smiles on little faces. He was happy to spend time with the kids and satisfied with the working of the center.


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